Transforming a piece of paper in 3D with AR (Augmented Reality) - Originally US
Transforming a piece of paper in 3D with AR (Augmented Reality)

When you print a model on a piece of paper, the print is two dimensional. You can rotate and look at the paper from all kinds of different angle, but your model looks exactly the same.

Doing a physical 3D model solves this issue, but highly impractical due to costs, portability and risk of damages.

Creating a fully digital 3D model may solve some of the problems listed above, but navigating and orientating a digital 3D on a touch screen is often a clumsy affair.

Developing a Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app allows us to transform any 2 dimensional print into a 3D model. As you view the 3D model from different angles, the view changes as if you are manipulating an actual, physical model.

Here’s a demo of our AR technology in action.

AR mobile apps provide you with best of both worlds, and allow you to wow your customers with audiences with leading-edge technologies. You may also consider having animated AR models that make your AR app more engaging.

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