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22 June 1999

This article is directed at SG BusLeh Users

Do you know any friends/colleagues/businesses who may be interested to build a mobile app as part of their digital transformation journey?

We – Originally US, the mobile app consultancy behind SG BusLeh is looking to help more firms in digital transformation in the second part of 2020 and we are happy to offer S$ 200 cash reward if we manage to close the deal from your referral.

Don’t play play. It is S$ 200 of real money if we manage to close the deal you introduced.

Simply introduce the interested party to us and let us know by dropping us an email at [email protected] Looking forward.

Ground rules: Please don’t introduce yourself lah. We can give you a good rate if you are an SG BusLeh user. Also, the party you introduce should be an existing business with a budget of at least S$ 40,000 for building an app.

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