Press Release: Launch of SG BusLeh - Originally US
Press Release: Launch of SG BusLeh

12 May 2015, SINGAPORE – Originally US LLP, a Singapore-based app development company, launched the app SG BusLeh today. Aimed at helping Singapore commuters to better plan their journeys, SG BusLeh shows users up to three bus arrival timings instead of the usual two offered by existing local bus apps.  The Android mobile app also provides a one-tap access to bus timings and space availability of all buses at bus stops nearest to the location of the user.

User-friendliness was a key objective during the development of SG BusLeh. “Many existing bus apps require users to go through unnecessary additional steps just to access bus timings. We turned this approach around, simplify the steps and simply show the bus stops near the user,” said Calixto Tay, Chief Executive Officer, Originally US LLP.

Unlike existing bus apps in which users have to click on individual bus number to see the timing for buses, SG BusLeh only requires the user to select a bus stop. Timing for all buses at the selected bus stops will then be displayed immediately. This provides an easy-to-use interface, helping to reduce the number of steps a user has to go through in order to get the required bus timing information.

SG BusLeh makes use of real-time data from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore to provide up-to-date and accurate information.  It is free to download and available from Google Play today.  iOS Version will be available in June 2015.

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