How are we growing when others are laying off? Originally US's Journey to Efficiency in Mobile App Design and Development - Originally US
How are we growing when others are laying off? Originally US’s Journey to Efficiency in Mobile App Design and Development


In 2023, the tech sector faced a significant downturn, leading to widespread retrenchments and cost-cutting measures across companies. It was a challenging time for the industry as a whole. However, amidst these difficulties, our company, Originally US, a small mobile app design and development firm, stood strong and emerged as a beacon of resilience and success. In fact, our revenue doubled in 2022 and is on track for a continued, strong, double digit growth in 2023 even as industry juggernauts like Accenture lay off nearly 20,000 employees in the same year.

Our unwavering focus on internal efficiency not only allowed us to weather the storm but also thrive in the face of adversity. While other tech companies were forced to slash their headcount, our commitment to maximizing productivity per employee enabled us to navigate the downturn without compromising our output.

In fact, we found ourselves in a unique position to further improve our productivity, provide better compensation to our team members, and attract top talent in 2023.

Efficiency Over Scale

While many tech companies had pursued growth by solely focusing on numbers, such as announcing the hiring of hundreds of new employees, we had taken a completely different approach.

From our first day of operation, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) recognized that true success lies in not needlessly expanding the workforce, but in carefully reviewing and improving efficiency and processes.

To that end, our company prioritized maximizing efficiency per employee. By eliminating unnecessary processes, implementing automated tools, and fostering a culture of productivity, we were able to achieve remarkable results. While others may have opted for quick fixes, we understood the long-term value of improving our processes and creating a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Our Methods and Strategies

1) Streamlining Knowledge Transfer: We recognize that effective collaboration and communication between design, development, and project teams are essential for efficient workflows. To eliminate the need for excessive internal meetings, we have actively improved our knowledge transfer processes.

By implementing robust collaboration tools and standardising communication formats and channels, we ensure that information flows smoothly across teams. Except for meetings to collectively brainstorm for new and creative solutions, our company has completely eliminated the need for holding internal meetings to effect knowledge transfer between departments and team, thereby reducing time impediments and enabling more time to be spent on productive work.

2) Leveraging Automated and AI Tools: Technology plays a pivotal role in boosting our output. We harness a wide array of automated and AI tools that streamline various aspects of our work. These tools automate repetitive tasks, enhance project management, and accelerate the development cycle. By embracing these technological advancements, we free up valuable time and resources, allowing our team members to focus on more creative and strategic endeavors.

3) Minimizing Documentation and Paperwork: We firmly believe that excessive documentation and paperwork can hinder productivity. To address this, we have adopted a minimalist approach, emphasizing the importance of concise, standardized, and streamlined documentation. By cutting down on paperwork, our employees can allocate more time to productive work, resulting in higher efficiency and output.

4) Constantly Refining Workflows and Processes: We recognize that continuous improvement is the key to sustained success. As such, we actively involve all our employees in refining workflows and processes. Through regular consultations and open dialogue, we gather valuable insights and ideas from our team members. This collaborative approach allows us to identify areas for optimization and implement innovative solutions, enabling us to perform tasks quicker and better.

Navigating Sector Downturns: Thriving through Efficiency

While the tech sector experiences periods of downturn and retrenchment, our commitment to efficiency has been our guiding light. By prioritizing productivity and streamlining our operations, we have not only withstood industry-wide challenges but also grown stronger. While other companies were forced to cut headcount, we continued to attract and retain top talent, enabling us to provide better compensation and foster a positive work environment.

The Path to Continuous Improvement

At Originally US, our journey towards efficiency is an ongoing endeavor. We constantly evaluate our processes, embrace emerging technologies, and encourage innovative thinking within our team. By nurturing a growth mindset and actively seeking ways to optimize our operations, we create a virtuous cycle of success that propels us forward.


Originally US, a small mobile app design and development company, exemplifies the power of efficiency in driving success. By focusing on maximizing efficiency per employee, we have successfully weathered industry challenges and achieved consistent growth. Through strategies such as streamlining knowledge transfer, leveraging automated and AI tools, minimizing documentation, and constantly refining workflows, we have created a culture of productivity that sets us apart. As we continue to embrace a future driven by technology and innovation, our commitment to efficiency will remain at the core of our achievements.