Weekend Project #3: Our Company Chatbot! - Originally US
Weekend Project #3: Our Company Chatbot!

After slogging it out for the past few weekends (because weekdays are reserved for client work), our company Chatbot is now live on our Facebook page!

Before we start developing this chatbot, we laid down some clear objectives:

  1. The chatbot must provide us an opportunity to showcase our strengths to our leads
  2. The chatbot must complement our website, not replace it
  3. The chatbot must be able to make use of extra media aids, such as animated gifs, videos and even PDFs to help communicate with our leads

Our Chatbot is still work in progress, as we are constantly fine-tuning and training it every day.

We have also began offering chatbot development services under our new AIChatbots.sg microsite.

Let us know what you think and hit us up if you are interested to develop a chatbot!