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Reasons to invest in a custom-built enterprise app today

In this fast-paced, fast-growing digital era, mobile devices and apps are everywhere. These are not only individual apps for consumers to shop, play, engage, or spend. There has also been a huge growth in the uptake of custom apps for businesses. With enterprise apps, companies are able to streamline key processes and become more efficient. It becomes a smooth, useful channel for employee communication and work.

Given the many benefits, here are 3 key reasons why you should consider investing in a custom enterprise app:

1. Employee productivity is heightened and time saved

Having an enterprise app means that all business data, processes, and information are unified in a handy location. With such comprehensive files neatly categorized, employees are able to easily access them. This reduces a lot of time and manual effort spent searching. Focus can be redirected towards more pressing tasks at hand.

Additionally, it is hard to have constant access to the data stored in a work laptop or desktop. Enterprise apps makes this convenient by storing reports or data in the cloud. Employees can access this anytime without heading back to the desk.

Custom-made features can also make employees’ lives a lot better! For example, a function to auto-generate reports or for advanced searches save copious amounts of hard work. This again aids them with their work while giving productivity a big boost.

2. Field workers are empowered with tools

Consider today’s delivery, insurance, retail, or transportation workers. It has become increasingly common for field workers to be partnered with devices such as tablets, to better provide a service. These tools with enterprise apps installed in them give valuable real-time data or handy functions that empower and augment their work.

As an example, consider a salesperson visiting three clients of vastly different demographics. He has three different presentations to make, and three accounts to keep track of. Insights, statistics, or reports have to be tailored to each client. The enterprise app precisely arms him with these important information made readily accessible. It fuels and makes efficient his efforts.

Check out our very own case study with AIA Singapore. Their iResource app Originally US helped build is a key success story. It showcases the immense benefits that may be reaped from enterprise apps. Since March 2017, more than 88% of AIA agents have been using such a custom toolkit developed by us.

And then, in 2018, The Straits Times reported a 12% rise in operating profit and attributed it to a “high take-up of its digital sales and training tools… (that) enhance servicing efficiencies and improve agent productivity”. These tools refer to the enterprise app—and speaks volumes about how these agents have been empowered.

3. Communications have never been easier

With every employee onboard a unified channel, internal communications are optimized. A streamlined system means that engagement and connection become easy. Through tailored features, collaborations on tasks or projects can work better in this digital space.

Furthermore, announcements and notices can be broadcast. These kinds of business news can be integrated into regular updates within the app. It could be industry news, current company events, major meeting summaries for stakeholders, and even changes in company policies. Information delivery has never been smoother, wide-reaching, and convenient for employees.

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