Stepping out of our comfort zone with our first hardware product: Kamoji - Originally US
Stepping out of our comfort zone with our first hardware product: Kamoji

Over the past decade, our focus at Originally US – Mobile App Development Singapore has been on mobile application consultancy—designing, developing, and deploying cutting-edge mobile applications across diverse sectors, from banking and insurance to government agencies.

While commercial mobile app development has been our forte, our team’s expertise has evolved significantly, encompassing a broad spectrum of knowledge spanning cryptocurrency, blockchains, IoT, as well as the creation of custom hardware for home and office automation.

This year marks a bold step for us as we embark on the development of our inaugural hardware product! This decision signifies a pivotal shift in utilizing our diverse skill sets and capabilities. We’re expanding beyond software, delving into creating products that directly engage with users in the tangible world.

Over the past few months, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting our inaugural hardware product, and progress is steadily materializing!

Today, we’re thrilled to conduct our initial integration testing of the board, meticulously designed by our ingenious CTO, Torin Nguyen. While perfecting PCB design usually takes iterations, Torin’s expertise has proven invaluable, and the results are promising!

Simultaneously, our team is passionately engrossed in refining software and designs, eagerly watching this project take shape.

Each day presents new learning opportunities, making this journey incredibly exhilarating!

Our pursuit of hardware innovation doesn’t diminish our commitment to our mobile application consultancy. In fact, the knowledge and insights gained from crafting our hardware have enriched us with fresh ideas and added value for our existing clients. They’re inspired and enthusiastic about elevating the mobile apps we’ve developed for them to new heights.

We’re eagerly anticipating an exceptionally exciting 2024!