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Ease and benefits of bringing in a simple chatbot for your online business

Chatbots have become an increasingly popular and effective way for brands to interact with their customers. You might have seen them within company websites, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or SMS. They’re everywhere, even within Singapore. Wondering why?

It’s simple. Chatbots are not only easy to implement, they also bring about many important benefits vital to any business wanting to scale. Here’s an interesting guide to understanding chatbots you may wish to read. And now, let’s dive deep into 4 crucial reasons why they would be huge assets for your online business.

1. Chatbots are available 24/7

Gone are the days where you’d be put on hold listening to chirpy elevator music for tens of minutes, waiting for a customer care agent to attend to you. Forward-looking companies know how frustrating that is for anyone. Chatbots are thus taking over these manual steps of live chat, emails, or phone calls.

And the best part—bots don’t sleep! They continue to happily attend to customers’ questions even after working hours, providing constant support. This is important engagement that helps to build trust and satisfaction for your brand. In some cases, the customer may not even know they they are not talking to an actual human being but with an actual Chatbot!

2. They augment existing excellent customer support

Of course, we’re not saying that humans are completely removed from the customer support team. Rather, they’re used in tandem to handle the heavy volume of basic questions. Complex issues ultimately still have to be handled by a real professional.

A recent survey by chatbot developer Helpshift found that 94% of over 2,000 American respondents “dread[ed] contacting customer support”. I’m sure many Singaporeans can empathize. Chatbots take away stress by removing the need to engage someone else when they could be used instead. In this day and age, a seamless and friendly chatbot (who is never in a bad mood) is the preferred support agent. You can even personalize it to fit your company’s image, giving your brand an additional boost!

3. Consumer data can lead to tailored improvements

Chatbots can easily gather, monitor, and track consumers’ data. These quantitative insights can be analyzed to understand individual preferences or larger trends. Consequently, smarter marketing strategies can be developed, or the consumer experience improved. Smart chatbots also get better at predicting users’ habits the more they are used. This means better service, better engagement, and happier customers to come!

4. Scale well and save money

This is a highly important point for all companies looking to scale. Growing big means having to address an exponentially larger base of customers, which means having to ramp up hiring. Wouldn’t you need an incredible number of support staff then?

Chatbots take on the brunt of this work. The repetitive work of answering routine questions is automated. They have even reinvented forms and surveys. Customers are often reluctant to fill in long, boring forms, but chatbots spruce the situation up, breaking the tedious process into enjoyable chunks. And you get the information you need!

This means that more intricate and fulfilling tasks can be handled by real workers. You also save costs by not hiring many support agents as you scale. It’s a win for everyone involved! And while chatbots do require money to implement, take a long-term view and think of all the future costs being cut.

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