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Essential but overlooked: the case for app support, upgrade, and maintenance

After months of hard work and back-and-forth iterations, an app is finally launched. As a client, you might be heartily celebrating as your job is done. The end-product is completed, and everything should go smoothly from here. Right? Not so soon…

Announcing the release of your app, the anticipation, and the joyous launch is certainly important. However, there’s a crucial but essential aspect that is often overlooked: app support, upgrade, and maintenance. Occurring indefinitely post-launch, it is the integral backbone that ensures the ongoing success of your app. Here are 4 key reasons why it must be included:

1. Ensure that everything runs smoothly

This seems intuitive, right? Shouldn’t an app run smoothly forever after being launched? The answer is actually in the negative. Bugs and technical issues may accumulate and start crashing your app. Technology does not remain stagnant; new iOS or Android hardware or software are released every year, with upgraded specifications. Compatibility issues with these new devices and operating systems may start occurring.

Or perhaps, user testing simply couldn’t predict every single possible action or scenario. There could be a previously undetected error related to design, coding, or application logic. Look at the number of periodic updates that Windows or your favorite app has. Even if you have the most talented development team, it is never possible to fully eliminate these possibilities.

Any of these would prove disastrous for your app, as it becomes buggy, incompatible, often showing errors. Users would quickly become dissatisfied. This would translate to bad reviews and uninstalls. And that’s why frequent app monitoring and scheduled system maintenances are so vital.

If you want your app to remain usable, successful, and to retain the months of time and money spent developing it, then maintenance is a must. This ensures that your vendor would always allocate necessary personnel and expertise to investigate and rectify any issues your app may encounter.

2. Keeping up with the competition

In this digital age, there are millions of apps competing and vying to get installed on phones every day. Of course, a single person doesn’t have the time or energy to use all of them. Even within the say 50 apps he has, he might only split his time between his 5 favorite apps on a daily basis. How do we stay ahead of this competition?

As times goes by, user preferences and behaviors evolve. In order to keep current users engaged and to attract new audiences, maintenance and improvements have to be continually made. The UI for example could be refreshed to reflect current trends. With this, ensure your app’s success and don’t fall behind.

3. Deliver better user experiences

App users are not passive consumers who one-sidedly absorb information. They too have habits, preferences, and thoughts. If you want to build a genuinely positive and lasting relationship with your users, listen to their feedback. Read their reviews, consolidate insights through usage analytics, and then roll out updates or even new features based on that. You will win the hearts of users by delivering the great experiences they want.

4. Secure the app from cyberthreats

This is a straightforward but important one. Don’t let the encryption or security protocols of your app get outdated. Security holes may affect your app at any time, and maintenance is needed to fix these vulnerabilities. Make sure your organizational data or users’ personal information is always kept safe and secure.

Want to ensure ongoing success for your hard-earned app? Then support, upgrade, and maintenance is definitely a step you cannot miss. If you are sold or want specifics, drop us an email at We’ll be happy to talk and help.