Why you should engage a mobile app development company
Why you should engage a mobile app development company to build your app—not freelancers

So you’ve decided that having an app for your company is vital. Now the task is to source for developers to get down to building it, materializing your plans. Beyond having numerous options, there is the important decision to make: to hire a freelancer or a company? The low cost of freelancers is definitely tempting. They seem to be about 25% cheaper, which is great, right?

We argue that it’s not actually the case. There are many hidden costs and possible unreliability that come with freelancers. Conversely, engaging a good mobile app development company is the wisest option that ensures satisfaction. Here are some reasons why.

Companies are here for the full lifecycle of your app development—from careful research of your product and its users, the actual development work, till support and maintenance. This means that we are looking at the long haul: a successful partnership starts from building a great long-term business relationship. We are as invested in the success of your app as you are.

In building complex features, there might be crashes and bugs that require a freelancer more manhours to fix, bumping up the supposedly cheap cost. They also have less incentive to create an intricate solution as their job is done once development work is completed. But what about future issues that inevitably pop up afterwards? App development companies are motivated to ensure that your app runs smoothly for a long time. We (at least for us, Originally Us) anticipate problems, solve them, and are happy to roll out updates that refine or improve your app. Support and maintenance are part and parcel of a project to us.

Additionally, companies do have a tried-and-tested, best-working methodology that has guaranteed success in many other cases. As an example, we established our UPWARD methodology that has delivered fantastic end-products. Through many years of experience, a holistic and critical approach is important in great development.

Beyond that, freelancers might work in a small team, or go solo. What happens then if a person falls sick or is unable to work? Should your project be put on hold due to these unforeseen causes? A company provides you with a dedicated, available team who is steadfast in having timely communication channels. We ensure that a timeframe for milestones is clearly discussed from the get-go. Constant progress is reported and transparent, and you won’t have to lose sleep worrying about what’s happening in the development of your app.

We have specific roles such as a project manager who would be your main point of contact. This means that a friendly two-way communication channel is always open. Your feedback and concerns are not only heard, but actively incorporated and iterated as part of the process. The app should ultimately be what’s best for your company—and your inputs are very valuable.

Finally, freelancers are usually specialized in one area of development. Perhaps you found an Android developer because you wanted a pilot launch of your app in the Android market first. But what if you decide after more discussion that you want it on iOS, or rather, cross-platform instead? You might have to drop and source for a new person instead, taking away weeks of precious time. The deadline becomes tighter.

Companies have the talented manpower to build apps on various operating systems. This includes tailoring it for different devices, such as your laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. Use an iPhone? Samsung Galaxy? Huawei? No problem. Furthermore, if you’re still deliberating on which platform you want to release your app in, consult us. We’ll brainstorm together and you can consider our ‘Super-Hybrid’ technology stack. It offers a high-quality, cross-platform release that is simply a double win.

Convinced that a Singapore mobile app development company triumphs freelancers? Better to choose what is upfront and established if you are going to be investing so much time and money. It’s wise to stay clear of hidden costs and a more unstructured, unreliable vendor.

If you’ve decided on working with a company or want to talk more about your concerns, feel free to drop us an email at hello@originally.us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Why you should engage a mobile app development company to build your app—not freelancers