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Go digital: 4 reasons to invest in a company app today

In Singapore, you’ve probably heard of phrases like digital transformation and Smart Nation being repeatedly used. Globally, you’re aware of the mounting importance of online space—so crucial that those who don’t digitize lose out. More and more people are on their phones these days. Using apps. Engaging with them, spending on them.

You might be thinking of grabbing this opportunity and investing in a company app. Here are 4 key reasons why you should do it.

1. Technology augments what you already have

Your business is currently rooted in the physical world (the company or its branches) and has constraints. Many people don’t realize the numerous benefits going digital has. It is an extension of your company into every app users’ hands, as they happily and comfortably browse it through in the comfort of their homes.

Additional features can augment what you already have or even go beyond that. If you’ve been trying to drive in a message, why not try successful gamification methods on the app to engage your audience? Using this online platform to compliment your existing plans could be key to maximizing business strategies.

2. Solidify your company’s reputation and branding

Like how B2C retailers issue physical loyalty cards to occupy “wallet-share” to constantly remind their customers of their presence, an app downloaded on users’ phones means getting that presence on their phone screens (or what we call “screen-share”).

With “screen-share”, your customers or audiences are aware of and willing to interact with your company. Your brand’s visibility is enhanced by being on the digital sphere as new online audiences are bought in.

If this app is user-friendly, reliable and aesthetically pleasing to use, your company’s reputation substantially grows. Users feel a genuine connection and feel that value is added in their overall consumer experience. Loyalty is built. In this way, your brand is sturdy and strengthened.

3. Mobile app data analytics provide key insights

With an app, you will be able to see how your audience responds to it. What they like, dislike, and features they appreciate—these are important consumer insights through data. We can easily help you trace basic information such as:

  • How many installs or uninstalls there are
  • How many current active users
  • How much time they are spending on the app
  • How many people use each feature
  • How much time is spent on specific features

This valuable data can tell you what your selling points are and what needs to be improved on. Reworks or updates can be done to refine your app (or strategy), to again capture the hearts of your users. More data specific to your company’s app and content may be captured too—to be discussed in detail during our partnership.

4. Give your revenue and profits a boost

As customers become more satisfied, sales typically increase. According to SalesForce, 70% of customers say that connected processes are vital in winning their business. This is in context of great service utilizing emerging technologies such as apps in the digital space.

So, make this digital space a seamless one that your consumers love and derive value from! You might even want to invest in an e-payment system to make transactions fast and easy for your users. Or perhaps tailor unique promotions and content to individuals. As an innovative example, look at the Tiger Air CNY Zodiac web app we developed.

In all, these are significant benefits to be derived from having an app. Capitalize on the online space and go digital! Enhancing the customer experience can only make them more happy and more willing to spend. And you don’t need to worry about technological barriers to entry for a majority of the population—most are adept, comfortable with their smartphones, having spent so much time on them.

If you’re sold or just want to talk more about your concerns, feel free to drop us an email at hello@originally.us. We’ll be more than happy to help.