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How Do Mobile App Development Companies Work?

At Originally US, we put our clients first. Thus besides walking through every step of the project with the client and delivering one of the best mobile app experiences in the region, we also strive to spread knowledge about how mobile app development works so that clients can make better-informed choices and can know what to expect when they choose to engage a mobile app development vendor.

So let us take the first step and show you a sneak peek into how it’s like to work with us!

1. It’s all about YOU!

Understanding the background and drives

As the first important step into developing a mobile app, we spend it understanding more about your project. What are your motivations and objectives for the app? What pain points are you trying to solve? When do you want the app to be completed by?

2. Conduct User Studies

Now that we’ve firmed up the motivations and objectives, it’s time to conduct user research. This step is very important and we never skip it because it’s crucial to ensure that the mobile app you are developing does indeed suit the user needs. We might also find out about certain pain points we were previously unaware of as well!

3. Conduct Product Studies

Here, we take a look at similar products available in the market by competitors and take note of the features that you want or don’t want. This helps to ensure that the product that we launch is competitive in the market.

4. Wireframing

With a good idea of the features needed for the mobile app, our designer steps in to create wireframes, which are essentially prototypes or skeletons of how the mobile app screens would look like.

5. Analysis & Reconciliation

We will then present the wireframes to you and work together with you to finalise the features of the mobile app. Typically, we offer 2 revisions for the design of the mobile app.

6. Design & Development

Now that the crucial steps for planning are settled, we can finally commence design and development. Here is where our software engineers step in and transform our wireframes and features into lines of code that make the mobile app a working piece of technology! Typically, the design and development phase takes around 4 months, but it really depends on the complexity of your project and the available manpower at the time. The Mobile App Design and Development is one important step.

7. Quality Assurance

With any brilliant piece of technology, there lie countless rounds of quality assurance. 

In this aspect, we demand nothing less of the mobile apps we build. It undergoes several rounds of internal quality assurance checks even before we conduct several more rounds of quality assurance with our clients. In the process, we sieve out any potential bugs and problems and immediately give feedback to our developers so the problem can be fixed.

8. App launches!

Finally, after many rounds of quality assurance, the app can be launched and made live for users to download! We celebrate this milestone together and can take the time to plan ahead for app store optimisation and maintenance and improvements to the app.

So that’s a brief summary of what you can expect when you work with us! The process of choosing a mobile app development vendor doesn’t have to feel daunting, and neither should the process of mobile app development be as well.

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At Originally US, we do not embark on building a mobile app unless we want it to be successful, because your success is also our success.

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